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Hi there! I'm GWH

If you're looking for a story about me, the truth is "There is no GWH brand story at all!" But you might be interested in what I'm going to tell you!

Simply said, GWH is a man who "falls in love" with the beauty of Industrial Style, Vintage Style's simplicity, and refinement.

He aims to make rustic, simple, with a little personality, bold, strong in each design, bold "Industrial" and most importantly, the product "made by GWH" must be unique,  if not unique.

GWH's "love" for Industrial Style began in the 2000s, when he wanted to produce items with the "Industrial Style" breath on his own, and the first products were born from the union of love and desire.

When GWH seeks out soulmates who are also "falling in love with the beauty of simplicity" in this style, "love" grows.

And GWH Factory was born - a place where you may "make out" home decor items, restaurants, cafes,.. or any spaces where Industrial or Vintage design is desired.

His "brainchildren" were created at "GWH Factory," where "love" is measured by the product's beauty, perfection, and excellence.

Greetings, friend! GWH is my name.

Remember me by saying, "hello Guys, Welcome Home!"
Turn your space into a great place to satisfy your passion for Industrial Style with GWH!

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